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Hi, Welcome to Jon Starbuck’s (rather out of date) corner of the Internet. I am based in Mid Wales on the Dyfi Estuary, somewhere near Aberdyfi.

About this web site:

This website has two sections, “Pages” which are permanent web-page style pages (like this one) and “Posts” which are blog-style web pages separated into “Categories”. See right-hand menu for Pages and Posts.

Ynys Las Visitor CentreGlastonbury, Greenpeace solar electric wall

Jon’s Work:

I work as a renewable-energy engineer working on feasibility, surveying, licensing, planning-consent, installation, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance of small and medium wind turbines (3.5kW to 50kW) and hydroelectric (10kW to 400kW).

Palm Springs Turbines60m Met Mast going up in CornwallBetween 2009 and 2011 I worked in post-installation support for customers and installers for a prominent solar-PV supplier in California. I also worked for Greenpeace USA and charities and not-for-profits in San Francisco between 2009 and 20012.

I also have a micro-business doing marine engineering on inboard engines, outboard engines and small boat electrics.



Jon’s Book:

“the long awaited replacement Tickel’s long outdated book”

I spent a lot of 2008 co-authoring a book, Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels, for McGraw Hill – it is a practical, empowering, heavily illustrated D.I.Y. guide. Unlike similar books available it tries very hard to be unbiased, apolitical an un-evangelical; it shows you everything from from making biodiesel at home to converting your engine to run directly on vegetable oil – it even tries to talk you out of doing it at all – all in the one book.

Jon’s Study:

I graduated from university in 2000 with an undergraduate degree in physics. I am currently studying on an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology (currently deferred).

Middle East 286Morocco, Atlas, Jbel ToubkalTreasury, Petra, Jordan.Morocco, Chefchaouen, ChaouenEiffel Tower, 2006San Francisco - 2004Eco-houseTemple Burn - Burning Man 2007


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